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We should all have a say in what justice looks like. Minnesotans deserve a fair and accountable justice system.

As a proven champion for justice, I will bring the change and progress Hennepin County deserves. I’ve devoted my life to criminal justice reform.

Changing this system is possible, it matters, and is long overdue. But we won’t achieve it with just a few policy changes. We must base our overall approach to crime reduction on treatment and support, not hardline punishment.

I was raised by a single mom who worked long hours—I believe justice should not depend on how much money you have. I served as a Coast Guard law enforcement officer—I respect the law but believe that it must serve all people. I’m also a father—I believe if kids get into trouble, they deserve help to get back on track.

With a 20-year incumbent, it’s time for a fresh start. I am an innovative criminal justice reform leader running to balance second chances and accountability.


As County Attorney, Mark will:

  • Make prosecution about seeking justice not just winning cases

  • Reform cash bail in Hennepin County

  • Listen to people, collaborate, and bring everyone to the table

  • Ensure accountability and second chances can go hand in hand

  • Stop the prosecution of low level drug offenses

  • Expand juvenile restorative justice

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“I co-founded the Second Chance Coalition, worked for years at the Council on Crime and Justice, led bipartisan efforts to reform drug sentencing and juvenile records laws, worked to restore voting rights for former offenders, and was a leader on the Ban the Box campaign.”



Second Chances We need to stop holding people back from their full potential and do all we can to give all our children a first chance.

Fairness and Equity How we are treated by the justice system, whether a victim of crime or accused, should not depend on how much money we have or the color of our skin.

Increase Accountability and Community Trust Justice shouldn’t be something that just happens to us, we should have a say in what it looks like.

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July 2018

"What stood out about Mark was he didn't just talk about the injustice. He did something about the injustice."

Serena Nunn / Public Defender, Criminal Justice Reformer