Why Mark for County Attorney?



The role of the prosecutor itself

Has an urgency to reform the system.

Will use the power of the office to lead on substantive criminal justice reform based in fairness and second chances.
Has had 20 years to enact reform.

Continues out-of-date approach to criminal justice that inflicts generational damage and hasn’t made us any safer.


Fairness. Approaching people with a mindset that favors treatment and rehabilitation.

Believes we should all have a say in what justice looks like.

Believes the criminal justice system must be held accountable.
Perpetual Punishment.

Sustaining the status quo.

No urgency around reform.

Wielding the power of the office

Will use the discretionary power of the office to benefit all communities it serves equally.

An aggressive approach to investigating wrongful convictions balancing second chances and accountability.
Has not used the discretionary power of the office to benefit all communities it serves equally.

Has not held law enforcement accountable.

Overall approach to racial disparities

Knows racial disparities exist and are embedded in our system.

“Changing this system is possible, it matters, and is long overdue. But we won’t achieve it with just a few policy changes. We must base our overall approach to crime reduction on treatment and support, not hardline punishment.”
“I am committed to studying racial disparities.”

In 2017, Black people made up nearly 70% of those this office incarcerated.

On The Star Tribune’s ‘Denied Justice’ reporting on sexual assault prosecutions

“We need to start by believing and completely change how prosecutors approach sexual assault cases.

On Cash Bail

“I will limit the requesting of bail to cases where there is a clear public safety or flight risk so we stop punishing people for being poor.

On mass incarceration

“We don't just have a mass incarceration problem, we have a mass criminalization problem.

On Marijuana

In support of full legalization.

Will also work to limit the prosecution of cannabis crimes.